Rachel Groves, Fundraising Expert

Rachel Groves is a senior level fundraising expert wth over 15 years experience in the charity sector.

My first expeience of wanting to make life better for others was raising money as a child for families in Mexico who had been made homeless by an enormous earthquake. I ran ten times round a 400 metre track and got sponsored by  all the neighbours in my road. 


My desire to improve things for others has never gone away.

I still believe that one person can change the world.


My professional experience includes fundraising from major donors, companies, trusts, and foundations. I have also set up in memory fundraising and run a legacy programme, as well as individuals giving programmes. I am quick to see what needs doing and like to roll up my sleeves.


I am interested in what motivates donors to give and the disconnect between their desire to change the world and the ability of charities to adapt to those needs. 


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